The Golden Visa program
Citizenship by Investment


The Golden Visa Program was introduced by the government in 2012 with the goal of encouraging foreign investment in the country.

This goal was certainly achieved but other factors have certainly contributed for the success of this initiative.

Portugal offers a wide range of advantages when deciding where to move or where to invest, more specifically, lifestyle, security and safety, a stable political scene alongside high standard public and private education as well as healthcare. A fortunate geographical and climate scenario are also contributing factors for the choice of many World Citizens.

In property for exmple, the Government asks that an Investment of 350,000 euros is made, this version of the Golden Visa must follow a specific set of rules, being the 500,000 euros investment the most common and popular way of obtaining citizenship.

The Golden Visa Program allows you to work and live anywhere in EU/ EEA and is extended to family members. Download our guide here or feel free to contact us.